Resume | Ryan Rothmeyer
Ryan Rothmeyer speaking at school



Professional Experience

Hard working songwriter/drummer with experience writing and playing pop, rock, country, instrumental, and other genres. Looking for opportunities as a songwriter as well as opportunities as a performing drummer/percussionist. Flexible schedule and willing to collaborate with others.


  • Graduated with honors from Baker University in 1998 with a degree in Music Education, with an emphasis in Percussion.
  • Completed 3 semesters of music composition and 4 semesters of music theory
  • completed over 20 hours of graduate work in music and education

Work History

1999 - Current K-5 General Music

  • Directed/co-directed 225 musical performances.
  • Planned and implemented new music curriculum.
  • Created the LANSING THUNDER DRUM ENSEMBLE, where he acts as musical director and composes most of the group’s repertoire.

1992 - Current - Professional Drummer

  • Performed 200 live shows with bands such as One Degree Difference, Process, Disco Dick and the Mirrorballs, Noe Palma, The Cause, and many others.
  • Performed on numerous studio recordings.

1998 – Current – Songwriter

  • Written or co-written 50 songs in a variety of genres including pop, rock, and country.
  • Worked with companies such as Crucial Music, Rocket Songs, and Konsonant Music
  • Composed 25 instrumental compositions.


  • Writing original songs in many genres - performing live and in the studio
  • Arranging and orchestration - musical directing
  • Creating drum parts - teaching and presenting
Ryan Rothmeyer drum performance